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Discover How to Eat…   Without Giving Up Favorite Foods (Including Carbs!)

A guide for busy working women who want to eat in a way that fits their lifestyle.

Hi! I'm Linda. 


I’m a Registered Dietitian and I've worked in health care for 20+ years. I help busy working women with  Type 2 diabetes take back control of their diabetes and their blood sugars WITHOUT giving up their favorite foods (including carbs!).


So many women are stretched THIN. They have demanding jobs, they take care of everybody else and their needs... and they deal with all the other things that life constantly throws their way too.


And when they are dealing with Type 2 diabetes too, they really struggle to figure out what to eat in a way that fits with their busy lifestyle.


Over the years, I've helped countless busy women figure out how to eat without depriving themselves of their favorite foods (including carbs) so they can lower their blood sugars and stay healthy. And... I can help you too!

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